We are Tshering and Yangjee Sherpa. With our family we operate the Sherpa Cafe, which features Nepalese, Tibetan, and Indian cuisine. We are both originally from Nepal but have been living in the United States with our families for several years. We are ethnic Sherpa from the Khumbu (Mt. Everest region of Nepal). We are very proud of our Sherpa heritage and culture and operating our restaurant allows us to share our way of life with our guests and friends. We developed the Himali Energy bar as another way to share our culture and cuisine and also to help our fellow Sherpas in Nepal. 




Made from mountain barley grown high in the Himalaya regions of Nepal and Tibet, Tsampa has been a staple for the Sherpas for centuries. The barley is ground up into flour and can be eaten as a cereal or mixed with yak butter and tea to make high-energy balls. Clinical studies reveal that Tsampa is loaded with complex carbohydrates and has a very low glycemic index (GI). Carbohydrates with a low GI are more slowly digested, absorbed, and metabolized, resulting in a slower rise in blood glucose levels. Tsampa is an excellent source of long-lasting energy and is used by Sherpa mountain guides and climbers to sustain them on arduous, high altitude expeditions. It is also eaten on an almost daily basis by non-climbing Sherpas and is an integral part of Sherpa culture